February 16, 2016

And to think that I’ve done this – I need an awesome body

My parents deserve it
My wife deserves it
And my Tony Hagan

My life is at stake
I feel the blood rush blue to the head

I’m light and I’ll take to the air

One song
One line

of the scars
of joy and good fortune
of time and the things we made of it

my father and I
now –

If only being good was enough.

February 10, 2016

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape: Now if I could write like that – that’d be something.

January 27, 2016

There’s ice cream in the fridge. I go for yogurt.

There are chocolates at work. I go for crackers.

My jobs decent and folks like me here. But I’m thinking of going to the mountains.

A city calls. I’ll go

in a year, or sooner.


January 20, 2016

My sister called. It wasn’t my birthday.

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